What’s New in Contact Lens Technology for Comfort and Dryness? Dailies Total 1

Many people would like to wear contact lenses, but may have issues with comfort, due to dry eyes, normal aging, allergies, or systemic conditions that can have a drying effect on the eyes. Ciba Vision has released a new daily disposable contact lens, the Dailies Total 1. Most of my contact lens patients wear a daily disposable contact lens.(Also called a one day disposable contact lens.) Daily disposables are generally a thinner, more comfortable lens compared to the traditional 2 week or monthly contact lenses. If someone has a history or dryness or allergies, daily disposable contact lenses can often work wonders in providing patients with a healthy, comfortable, and convenient option for contact lens wear. Since a daily disposable contact lens is a brand new lens each day it’s worn, there is minimal time span for any deposits, protein, pollen, or other materials to build up on the lens surface. Patients that wear daily disposables tend to have whiter eyes/less redness, than the 2 week or monthly contact lens. The Dailies Total 1 is a highly breathable contact lens, that has a surface that’s close to 100% water content to maximize comfort. (A “Water Gradient” contact lens) I usually encourage my contact lens patients to try a daily disposable contact lens if indicated. Most of those patients, wind up preferring to continue with them. If you’ve had a history of issues with comfort when wearing contact lenses, perhaps the Dailies Total 1 contact lens might be for you. Call Professional Vision or your local eye doctor to find out more information and to set up an appointment. I’ve also included a short video on the Dailies Total 1. Have a great day!

About Eyedrbarnstein

Dr. Richard Barnstein is an optometrist / partner with Professional Vision in the Baltimore area. ( Timonium and Carney ) Professional Vision is a boutique eyecare practice, with fashionable designer frames and sunglasses. We have an eye doctor available for eye appointments for contacts, comprehensive eye exams, and treatment of eye emergencies 6 days a week, at Timonium & Carney. Dr. Richard Barnstein, a Baltimore native, graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University) in 1994. He attended James Madison University (1987-90) where he was accepted early into optometry school. Dr. Barnstein is therapeutically licensed to treat eye disease, and diagnoses and manages glaucoma. He also specializes in difficult contact lens fittings, dry eye disease, and LASIK co-management. Dr. Richard Barnstein is a member of the American Optometric Association and the Maryland Optometric Association. Dr. Richard Barnstein enjoys spending time with his wife, 2 children, and puppy goldendoodle. He's an avid Ravens, Terps, and Orioles fan, and loves live music. Profession Vision on Twitter Dr. Richard Barnstein on Twitter Check out Dr. Barnstein's Live Music and Sports Blog, Farmerstanproductions!
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