Computer Vision Syndrome: How to Relieve Eye Strain on the Computer: Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear.

By Dr. Richard Barnstein

Every day many of my patients will tell me about their eye strain on the computer. There can be numerous reasons for their eye strain. Sometimes, 10 hours a day on the computer can be the reason! I always use the analogy that if you stood for 8 hours, your feet may be tired, but that doesn’t mean something’s necessarily wrong with them. However, more often than not, the eye strain is caused by some factor that can be improved. My number one recommendation is to have a comprehensive eye examination if you haven’t had one in the past year. With eye strain at near, there can be anything from focusing issues, to how well the eyes work together, to a far sighted prescription, to astigmatism, or even presbyopia. (“approaching 40”) In many cases computer eye strain can be relieved with some simple solutions. Symptoms of computer vision syndrome include, headaches, dry eyes, and blurred vision. Factors affecting computer vision syndrome include posture, glare on the computer screen, working distance, and uncorrected vision. Here’s a link (Cick Here) to some excellent information on computer vision syndrome from the American Optometric Association.

Professional Vision now carries Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear. This newer technology “protects, enhances, and optimizes visual performance for anyone who spends long hours viewing computers or digital screens.” Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear comes in non-prescription and prescription lenses. To be quite honest, I didn’t follow the Gunnar eyewear too closely. Thanks to our excellent staff, and many of our loyal patients that work in the video gaming industry from companies like Zenimax , we’ve taken their suggestion and now carry Gunnar advanced computer technology.

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About Eyedrbarnstein

Dr. Richard Barnstein is an optometrist / partner with Professional Vision in the Baltimore area. ( Timonium and Carney ) Professional Vision is a boutique eyecare practice, with fashionable designer frames and sunglasses. We have an eye doctor available for eye appointments for contacts, comprehensive eye exams, and treatment of eye emergencies 6 days a week, at Timonium & Carney. Dr. Richard Barnstein, a Baltimore native, graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University) in 1994. He attended James Madison University (1987-90) where he was accepted early into optometry school. Dr. Barnstein is therapeutically licensed to treat eye disease, and diagnoses and manages glaucoma. He also specializes in difficult contact lens fittings, dry eye disease, and LASIK co-management. Dr. Richard Barnstein is a member of the American Optometric Association and the Maryland Optometric Association. Dr. Richard Barnstein enjoys spending time with his wife, 2 children, and puppy goldendoodle. He's an avid Ravens, Terps, and Orioles fan, and loves live music. Profession Vision on Twitter Dr. Richard Barnstein on Twitter Check out Dr. Barnstein's Live Music and Sports Blog, Farmerstanproductions!
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